Skips Blue Twist - AQHA/NFQHA/FQHR Bay Roan Stallion  

Goodwin Quarter Horses is a full service breeding facility located in Central Texas.   We are 30 miles south of Waco and 20 miles north of Temple.  We specialize in raising quality quarter horses.  Our bloodlines include Beau Bonanza, Coy's Bonanza, Robert Redford, Speedy Glow, Skipper W, Sugar Bars, Poco Bueno, Doc Bar, Doc's Prescription, Doc's Hickory, Smart Little Lena, Classy Little Lena, Doc O'lena, Freckles Playboy, Jewel's Leo Bars, Sport Model, Dan's Sugar Bars, Peponita, Blondy's Dude,  High Brow Hickory, Doc's Lynx, Poco Bueno, Dry Doc, Suerte Fuerte, Mr San Peppy, Cal Bar, Skippa Star, Watch Joe Jack, Two Eyed Jack, Harlan, Mr. Kid Charge, Shining Spark, Dash For Cash, First Down Dash, Sun Frost, Firewater Flit, and Zan Par Bar.  We almost always have quality horses for sale.  It is our goal to produce horses with atheletic ability, cow sense, great dispositions, willing attitudes, excellent conformation, and as an added bonus, color.

Goodwin Quarter Horses is a full service breeding facility.  We offer, Stallion Management, Mare Management,  Artificial Insemination and shipped semen services.  We take care of all aspects of shipped semen for both stallion and mare owners.  

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Waylan and Gena Goodwin
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