Rainbows Twist - 2001 Sorrel filly.
Congratulations Kay and Billy Clark, Powderly, TX
Royal Blue Sensation - 2002 Bay Roan Filly.  Congratulaions Brandon O'Neil of Texas.
Skippin Reno - 2003 Sorrel Filly.
Congratulations Cynde Schneider of Lamesa, TX
Glowin LIke A Lena - 2004 Sorrel Colt.
Congratulations Pat Spencer of Tucson, AZ
Royal Cheyene Twist - 2004 Bay Roan Colt.  Congratulations Christy Lopez of Lorena, TX
CCC Redneck Woman - 2005 Bay Roan Filly.  Congratulations Bob Taylor of Tolar, TX
Playboy With A Twist - 2005 Bay Colt
Congratulations Jim and Janet Leslie of PIe Town, NM
Jessie Jo Twist - 2006 Chestnut filly.  Congratulations Rene Lecoure of Salado, TX
Moonberry Twist - 2006 Bay Roan Filly.  Congratulations Sheri Abney of Texas.
Cranberry Sensation - 2007 Bay Roan Filly.  Congratulations Barbara Scott of Shiner, TX
CCC Watch Me Twist - 2007 Buckskin Roan Filly.  Congratulations Barbara Scott of Shiner, TX
Twistin Tee Jay - 2007 Gray/Roan Colt. Thank you Kim Myers of Wesson, MS.
Shiners Sportin Ice - 2007 Cremello Colt. Congratulations to Brandy Van Curen of Artesia, NM!
Ruby Roanford -  2008 Bay Roan Filly. Congraulations JL Giamalva of Dickens, TX!
Becky Brown Braid - 2000 Bay Mare-.  Congratulations Britt Murrey of Kaufman, TX!
Shez A Hot T -  2008 Bay Filly. Congratulations Jeanine Stovall of Peaster, TX!
Heza Foxy Redford - 2007 Chestnut Colt.  Thank you Kea Johnson of San Diego, CA
Twist N Two Eyed - 2008 Buckskin Roan Colt. Congratulatins Blake Abbott of Joesephine, TX!
Blondys Blue Peppy -2007 Blue Roan Colt. Owned by Lone Pine Quarter Horses of Peaster, TX
Playin Twister - 2008 Palomino Colt. Congratulations
Abel Deloera of Atascosa, TX!
Thank you to our customers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida,  Louisianna, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas and France, and Mexico.  We greatly appreciate your businesss!
Waylan and Gena Goodwin
Take Me To Starbucks - 2009 Buckskin Roan Filly.  Thank you Angela Walton!
Twisted Black Gold - 2009 Buckskin Colt.   Congratulations Sandi Schoenfelder of Huron South Dakota!
Sensational Redford - 2008 Bay Roan Colt.  Congratulations Tod and Paula Bode of Lampasas, TX!
Blueberry Hombre - 1999 Blue Roan Stallion.  Congratulations Margret Bowman of Utopia, TX!
Im A Big Dog Daddy - 2007 Bay Roan Colt.  Congratulations JM Widman of Weatherford, TX
Brigabelle Quixote - 2008 Bay Roan Filly.  Congratulations Kim and Colleen Martin of Seymour, TX
RTB A Twister - 2009 AQHA Sorrel Overo Colt.  Congratulations Sheri and Barry John Nabours of Temple, TX!
Goin Rogue - 2009 AQHA/APHA Palomino Roan Colt.  Congratulations Rebecca Kirby of Wichita Falls, TX
Twobucksandatwist - 2010 Buckskin Roan Filly.  Congratulations Patsy and Eugene Ethridge of Poyner, TX!
Jack And A Twist - 2010 Buckskin Colt.  Congratulations Carlos Torres!
Zanyatta - 2011 Buckskin Filly.  Congratulations Gwen Cumbie of Gorman, TX
Roanald Reford - 2011 Bay Roan Colt.  Congratulations Rusty and Ali Thornton of Valley Mills, TX
Twisted Sensations - 2011 Bay Roan Colt.  Congratulations Rusty and Ali Thornton of Valley Mills, TX
Im  Foxy And I Knowit - 2012 AQHA Bay Roan Filly.  Congratulations Mark and Stacy
Garcia of Rosharon, TX
This Bucks A Twist - 2012 AQHA Buckskin Roan Colt.  Congratulaions Carrie Barret of Rush Colorado
Blueberry Sensation 2012 AQHA Bay Colt
Watch Par Twist - 2013 AQHa Bay Roan Colt
Congratulations Gabrille Q. of Conroe, TX
Skipped N Twisted 2013 AQHA Chestnut Colt. Congratulations Michele Foster!
Dry Talos Twist 2013 Bay Filly.  Congratulations Gabrielle Q of Conroe, TX!